Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

As the new year begins here is a thought:

What good is a life lived in comfort, safety, and ease if one day you die? What will you have to show for your days? You had fun but in the end it was empty. Life was easy but did it amount to anything? You were safe but you still died. You were comfortable but what about when you stand before God on judgement day? What does any of this matter when your life on earth is over?

What treasures are you planning to lay up this year? Ones that will fade away, or ones that will count on that day? (Matthew 6:19)

Lots of people are making lists of resolutions as this new year begins. Seriously, how many will keep those resolutions for the entire new year? As I was thinking about this I decided there was only one thing that I desired to be more faithful in this year that really mattered. More prayer. My one and one prayer for this year is that God will help me to be more faithful in prayer. I like to think of it as a prayer, not a resolution. Perhaps to you it sounds the same, but to me the word prayer says that I know I cannot do anything on my own puts the focus back where it belongs. On Him who gave His all for us that we might live.

May His joy fill your heart and may His strength be your resting place in the year 2012!