Saturday, October 20, 2012

Each Day, a Gift

It started like any other ordinary day, but the ending was far from what I could have imagined. That was the day we learned that one of my younger sisters has type 1 diabetes.
It got me thinking. We have this expectation that each day will be a continuance of the last. We wisely do not borrow trouble, but trust that the Lord knows what plans He has for us and will provide strength accordingly. Yet, there is one thing that I have found, while it is good to not worry about tomorrows, it is not good to take things for granted. Neither health, nor loved ones, nor life. Thank God for the blessings He bestows, treasure them, treat each day as if it might be your of good with those you to live on this earth. Do not live in fear of what could happen, and look with joy towards a future with the Lord in eternity, but do not take today or what it holds for granted. The things of this life are fleeting.