Thursday, December 9, 2010

Being a Bible

"Your life may be the only Bible that many people will ever read. Make sure others - starting with your family - are able to look at your life example and get an accurate picture of Jesus and His grace and power to transform lives!" ~ Elizabeth George (Embracing God's Grace: A study of Colossians and Philemon)

In some recent tensions with my extended family over a matter of hurt and unforgiveness that has been festering for many years between a few family members, this was the exact point that I came to.

Some of the people involved are Christians while the others are not. Who is the most wrong? I cannot say, for they all hold some of the blame. Who should take the first steps towards resolving this conflict? The answer in simple, the believers.

If we are the only "Bible" that the non-Christian family members (or anyone for that matter) ever see, and we are unforgiving and hateful, what do you think their view of Christ will look like?

This is huge! Do not let us under estimate how our grumpy, snappish, self-centered attitudes could possibly turn someone away from Christ. You are tired today, sick, it does not really matter to them. How you treat them, is how they expect the loving God you are always telling them about will treat them also.

What is your life saying about Christ today?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing again - this is a good point. So many people aren't going to believe in Jesus' love if they can't see it emulated in us.

Merry Christmas, Kathryn! Keep pressing on!

Hold fast,
AK girl

Kathryn said...

Merry Christmas to you too,AK girl!
I hope you and yours were reminded more then ever of Christ's love, and that you had a wonderful time with those that you love.
God Bless,