Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Two Years and Counting

I can hardly believe that today is my two-year blogging anniversary! It seems like just yesterday that my heart was burning with passion to share God's love with others on a blog of my very own. I remember asking my parents what they thought. I remember the delight with which I first wrote. How I planned out each week with care making sure that not one went by without my writing.

Since then I have ups and downs in my blogging adventure, I have had weeks where I could not stop writing and others where I did not write at all. My faith has been tested more then a time or two since I first launched this site, and each time God has been faithful to see me through, and I guess that is why I am here writing today. I have nothing really special to say, these last few days have been tough. Apathy towards that which I once was so passionate about has lulled me to sleep, realizing this has "rocked my world" in the quietest sense.

I needed today, I needed this review of the last two years, I needed to remember that God has always been faithful and cling to the fact that He will continue to be as I wind my way through new and difficult paths.

If I could have looked ahead to today two years ago, somehow I doubt I would have even guessed where I would be and what all would happened. I had a different set of fears then, yet, would I have changed a thing? Yes, I have had times that were less then thrilling, some down right hard, but looking back I can see God's hand so clearly in it all. What I might have thought then were just senseless troubles I can see now were used to grow me and prepare me for today. No, I do not think I would changed things that much. I would have liked to have been more faithful with the time the Lord has given me. I would have liked to have loved more fully. Yes, I would have changed some of the ways in which I handled life, but not what happened in my life.

So, what have your last few years looked like? How have you seen God's hand in your life? Taking a minute to go over what has happened is sometimes a good way to remind us to try harder, do better, and it especially has a way of making us praise God all the more for His rich blessings.

"Sometimes God brings us to the place where

we are between the Rock and the hard place to show us that

He is the Rock that is breaking us and making us more

Christlike, that He is the Rock that we are

pressed up against." ~ Unknown

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