Saturday, June 18, 2011

Witnessing, Let's Do It!

"Witnessing is not some hocus-pocus thing. It's simply showing up in life every day, expressing what God has done for us, how He's met us along the way, and how He can do the same for the person with whom we're sharing."

~ Lucy Swendoll

Often times when we think about witnessing we feel that we cannot do it. It is too hard, we do not have the right words to say, etc. That is why I found this quote so refreshing. God does not expect me to have all the answers! Yes, witnessing can be challenging, but it is a good kind of hard. The stretching kind. How are we showing up in every day life? How are we shining for Christ in what we do and in what we say? How has He met us today? How have we been blessed? And most importantly, what are some ways that we can share what He has done for us, how faithful He is, with those around us?

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