Tuesday, September 11, 2012

11 Years...and America Forgets

Eleven years ago was the first time I remember hearing about the World Trade Center or saw pictures of the Twin Towers. I remember my mother's face when she explained what had happened. I remembered the days, weeks, and months that followed and how I listen to stories on the radio about what had happened. I remember accounts given by those who had escaped fiery deaths, and those who hadn't. The harrowing tales that I will never want to forget. I remember for the first time in my life, seeing people stop thinking about themselves and reach out to help and encourage others...as a nation.
Now, eleven years later, America is beginning to forget. To forget the heroes who gave their lives that day. To forget those who's lives were changed forever when they lost loves ones. To forget that freedom comes with a price. We are being lulled to sleep by our daily cares so that we forget that if we want to keep our freedom, we as a nation have to rise and fight for it as one. And we forget that each day is a gift. We aren't promised a tomorrow. We have only today, to love, to share, and to care.
Tragedy happens. When it happens to you or those around you, are you ready? Have you given in to Jesus' call, to come and follw Him? If you have, then do you see the urgency of speaking to others about The Way, The Truth, The Life?
In the face of tragedy it is easy to remember to share the gospel, it is easy to remember to have compassion, it is easy to remember that freedom (as a nation or from sin) comes with a cost. But we forget so easily...
Today, take some time to remember what freedom means. Take time to look at those around you and see their needs. Take the time to count the cost. Let the memories of 9/11 spur you to reach out, share the truth, and fight the fight for freedom.