Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Years Resolutions?

Perhaps it was just the thoughts of the holidays sneaking up on me, or perhaps it was adding every ones birthdays in my 2013 calender and seeing how quickly the years are passing me by, or perhaps it is something else entirely, but whatever the reason, my thoughts last month were turned to the past and the future. What did I do this last year that I would like to do better in the this year? There are two things at the top or my list, and they have been there probably as long as I have been making lists. They are, "Love God more" and "Love people more."
Now, loving more can mean a whole variety of things, and to list them all would take longer than I have. So, I will just give you the abbreviated definitions. To love God more is to make it my top priority that His name be hallowed in everyday life and in every circumstance. To love people more is love others as Christ loves. Selflessly, forgiving all wrongs, putting their needs above my own wants.
I have never been much for New Years resolutions, so this year I am not making any. What about my goals to love more, you ask? Well, those are not New Years resolutions. Those are New Life resolutions. Everyone who has New Life, should have these types of resolutions. Resolutions to be more like our Lord.

What are your New Life resolutions?

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