Saturday, January 4, 2014

He Finds Me Here - Part 1

The sky is dark, all but the lights in the distance that speckle the horizon.
The house is quiet, but not too quiet.
"Bump-ity-bump," the dryer balls spin round and round
amongst the still damp towels.
The hum of the dishwasher and my computer add to the comforting, homey sounds as I await my families return.

I breathe deep and revel in the relative stillness of the house.
This time has been good. God has been good. In this mostly-alone-time He has showed me more of Himself. Whispered truths into my worn and weary heart.
He loves me.

I struggled to know this not so long ago, doubt and lies trying to rob me of my hope and trust.
But here, here as time balances between the new and old years, even if only for a few hours, here He met me. Here He linked truths together so that I would know.

Here He removed doubts, uncovered lies.
Here He made my heart to rejoice again in His truth and love. Here He made the passion and deep joy spring forth once more.

A familiar sing song rhythm beats within, slow and sweet.
Each breath becomes a prayer. A praise.

I've missed this. When did it slip away? All day the question comes and goes. When had the sweetness faded, the joy gotten lost?

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