Thursday, April 30, 2009

It Is How You See It

"Didn't you plan to be an artist at one time, Professor?"
Carver smiled. "I am an artist...
I make beauty in well tilled fields,
in healthy and happy people,
beauty to living in harmony with others.
With God helping me, I have tried to create
beauty according to His directing."
--From Carver of Tuskegee
It is all in how you see things. Some People would never say that fields, well tilled or not, were beautiful. Others would not see happy and healthy people as anything but ordinary. Living in harmony is just a dream, right? Let me repeat, it is all in how you see things. If we, as children of God, will seek to see the world through His eyes, we would see even the most ordinary things as beautiful.
As you go about your day, I would like to challenge you to look at things in a different light. In the light of God's word. If you look for beauty in everything, I think you will be surprised in what you will find.
Have a joyous day in Him,

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