Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hard Things

A year ago I "stumbled" across a website that has promised to change my life. This website was the website of Alex and Brett Harris, . I say, "stumbled," because I do not believe anything in life just happens by some freak chance. I believe that God is ultimately in control of every aspect of my life, and that He lead me to The Rebelution website.

Since I have begun to follow The Rebelution in my spare time, I have begun to learn about hard things. For me, one of those hard things was starting this blog. I like writing, that was not the problem. The problem was being disicplined enough to stick with it. Writing an edifying blog is hard work. In other words, I was to chicken to begin this blog sooner because I was afraid I would fail to faithfully commit a percentage of my time and energy to keeping it up. On top of that I felt so unworthy. I am a sinner. I have my problems. I did not feel like I could write to encourage others while I had these problems that needed to be worked out with God. I was not ready yet.

That was before I realized that if I waited until I was a "better" person, until I was ready, I would never write, or do, anything to help or encourage others because I would never be my picture of a "better" (aka perfect) person while I live upon this planet called earth. This is a fallen world and I am a fallen person. Only God is perfect.

So, here I am. I still have a long way to go, and so much to learn, but I will not wait to began reaching out to others. Instead, I will begin to do hard things for the glory of God. God can take my poor, stumbling attemps and make them into something beautiful that will bring Him glory. We cannot wait forever to become perfect people who make no mistakes before we began to serve God. If we did, we would never do anything, and He would never be glorified.

" For My strength is made perfect in [your]weakness."
--Jesus Christ
2 Corinthians 12:9
Do hard things. In Christ,

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