Friday, September 11, 2009

What were you doing on this day eight years ago? Where were you when you first heard the heartbreaking news? What was your reaction to the horrifying news that terrorists had hi-jacked planes and had crashed them into buildings killing so many people? Did you feel terror in your heart knowing that one of your loved ones was somewhere in the fiery mess? Did you cry out to God asking why? Did you think that you were asleep and it all must be a horrible nightmare? Do you remember?

As time passes it is easy to forget the emotions you felt and once vowed never to forget. It is easy to forget why you once lived each day as if it was your last because of all those who never came back from what should have been just another normal day at work. It is easy to forget why you ran to church the first few Sundays after that tragic September day, and how you clung to every bit of hope the pastors had to offer you from God's Word. It is easy to forget the love and compassion and oneness felt by all Americans that first year after 9/11. It is easy to forget, but do not let it happen!

Do not forget how those days passed with agonizing slowness as you stood in dread waiting to see if word would come assuring you that everyone you loved was okay. Do not let yourself forget the feeling of unity in grief that you shared with everyone you met on the street. Do not forget those who died, or those who loved them.

Commit to always keeping the memory of 9/11 alive in the hearts of your fellow Americans. Commit to keeping America safe, but mostly, commit to keeping the memory of 9/11 alive so that people will not forget God's loving care through the horror of it all, and how close He was through all those horrible days. Commit to reminding all Americans of the unity and the love that will always be present (and will only be present) if we remain one nation undivided under God.

Always Remember.


Anonymous said...

How true! I remember the day well, even though I was only little, and we didn't personally know anyone involved. We heard the song by Alan Jackson, "When were you when the world stopped turning" on the radio and I remember my little brother telling Mom, "That was sure nice that God made the world stop turning for all those people when the terrorists attacked." It was a horrific day in our nation's history, yet God's purpose continued (and continues) to shine through that tragedy of events. God bless,
~AK girl

Kaomi said...

Thank you so much for leaving a comment! I always enjoy hearing from my readers.
May God bless you,