Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Waiting, Not Dating

I am concerned. Yes, I really am. I see so many young girls who are all wrapped up in their boyfriends. That is all they ever think or talk about and you can tell that they have lost their hearts to these boys.

As long as I can remember my uncles and aunts have asked me, "So, do you have a boyfriend yet?" I always laughed and said, "No." I knew that it was stupid for an eight-year-old to even think of such things, for to my way of thinking if you had a boyfriend that meant you were dating, and if you were dating that meant that the next thing in line was marriage, and at eight, getting married was a long way into the future. But so many girls and boys feel pressured into this mode. It is supposed to be something cute and amusing, and maybe it is for the grown-ups watching, but those poor little girls are getting hurt. They feel that if a boy breaks up with them they have a problem. Something is wrong with them. Their hearts are being scarred, and for what?

I recently have been hurting for a friend of mine. She isn't even eighteen yet and she is very emotionally involved with a young man. He is nothing more then and boy. He is not capable of giving her the love or support she is looking for, neither is he ready to make a life-long commitment to her, yet she has given her heart to his keeping. I hurt for her because I see heartache in her future. Yes, he seems like a really good kid, but he is just that, a kid. It will be years before either one of them is ready for marriage. So much could happen between now and then.

Why do parents allow, and even push, this type of harmful behavior? Do they not see what it does to their daughters and sons emotional well-being? And think of how many teens could be saved from poor mistakes if they just did not date until they were ready to consider marriage.

I wish I could talk to every girl in the world about this. I wish I could tell them to wait. To guard their hearts, to wait on the Lord, and to use their energy to serve Him.

So, for those of you who agree with me, that waiting and not dating is the key to greater future happiness. Join me in getting the message out. Talk to your friends. Encourage them to wait. If this concept would catch on, I think our world would be a better place.

For those of you who are waiting and not dating. Do not loose heart. You are not alone. Keep your eyes on The Prince. Waiting can be hard, but in the end, it will all be worth it.

In Christ,


Nakwana Leofman said...

Though I am a man of just over twenty years of age, I agree that we should wait for the right time before we should marry. A number of my friends have asked me this question, "Why don't you have a girlfriend?" My reply was that I wasn't ready for one.

Peace unto my brethren in the name of Jesus Christ.

Nakwana Leofman

Kaomi said...

Thanks for commenting. At least I know that one person is following my blog. :)

God bless,