Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

Love is something we all need, want. Love is something
we all long for and, consequently, strive for.

We all know that we do not deserve God's love, and that it is the greatest love we could ever experience. But I was reminded the other day that we don't deserve any love. I have
heard all my life that there is nothing I could ever do to deserve
God's great, unconditional love. But don't I deserve to be loved by
my family and friends? C.S. Lewis said:

"There is something in each of us that cannot be naturally loved. It is no one's
fault if they do not so love it...You might as well ask people to like the taste
of rotten bread or the sound of a mechanical drill...All who have good parents, wives,
husbands, or children may be sure that some times and perhaps at all times,
in respect of some one particular trait or habit, they are receiving [love]. They are loved not because they are lovable, but because Love Himself is in those who love them."

Wow! I love the way C.S. Lewis said this! I am not lovable, but Christ love, through my family,and friends, helps them love me. The opposite is true as well. Even those people that may seem hard to love, I can love because Christ loved me first. Even though I am so unlovable! Love loves not because of...but in spite of. Happy Valentines Day!

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