Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

"Then Jesus said to his disciples, 'If anyone would

come after Me, he must deny himself and take up

his cross and follow Me.'"

Matthew 16:24

Today I feel the Lord calling me to die to my selfish desires, more then ever. He is asking me to lay aside those things in my life which are distracting me from spending time with Him (fictional stories). I feel as if He is calling me to fill my heart with His words, and to turn a deaf ear to the world and all its noises. There are so many words, written and spoken, that are vying for my attention, but ultimately, only God's words are of lasting importance. God is calling me. Will I heed His call?

I pray with all my heart that I will be faithful to what He is calling me to do, and who He has called me to be. May He be my Light and Vision. Through Him, may I see all of life in a bigger and better way.

I must not fear, but take a leap in faith, denying myself and taking up my cross. The load is lighter with two, but when the person by your side is Jesus, it is easier still.

With a prayerful heart,

Kassandra Lee


Anonymous said...


I'm just posting to say "hi" and that I love the Dear Diary entry! It's all too easy to get caught up in selfish desires...been struggling with that lately too.

I was also wondering who Kassandra is. A friend of the blogger, or is the blogger writing all of these posts under different names (i.e. Kathryn, Kaomi, Kassandra). Just wondering! :) Again, I am really encouraged reading your posts! Thank you!

Hold fast,
AK girl

Anonymous said...

Oops! I hadn't looked at your blog for awhile, and had yet to scroll down the page to read the next entry, so now it all makes sense about Kassandra Lee, the fictitious 16-yr.-old girl. Sorry about that!

Answering questions to that entry, Yes, I do journal. I guess I do it the "old-fashioned" way, with a pen, a pretty, nicely-bound notebook, and my thoughts to keep me company. ;) It's a great thing to be able to work through your thoughts through journaling, isn't it? What I enjoy most about it is the knowledge that my children and children's children will be able to read these (hopefully!) and learn from my experiences, mistakes, and past.

AK girl

Kathryn said...

AK girl,
:) Sorry to confuse you. My real name is Kathryn. Kaomi was my pen name for a while, but it got confusing to use. That is why I go by my real name now.
I am glad you like my new series. I think I am going to enjoy writing the future "Dear Diary" posts very much.
Thanks for commenting. I always love hearing from you.
God's blessings,
Kathryn ;)