Friday, January 21, 2011

What Are We Missing?

My brother and I were talking not long ago about how easy it is to judge others for living differently then we do, and how even how if there is nothing Biblically wrong with how others live, we often judge them harshly. False pride tells us that we are better somehow. How foolish we humans can be! As I go through each day, and each stage of life, I am finding more and more how pride plays a huge roll in the fallen-ness (if you will) of our world at large, as well as our own little personal worlds.

Again and again God brings to mind the verses from Matthew 7 that tell us to not always be jumping to point out the speck in our brothers eye, while ignoring the beam in our own. How many times I find myself saying, well she/he has a problem and this is the root of it, and this is what needs to be done to fix it. Stop. Wait! What does God say. Look at my life first. Seek out the wicked ways in me. And oh, how many there are!

God has a way of reaching down and shaking us, opening our eyes to our half-blinded view of things, and saying, "Hey, this is the whole picture."

Have you heard the song by Brandon Heath, Give Me Your Eyes? It talks about God giving us His eyes so we might see. I really like the lines where it talks about us having God's eyes. It reminds me to look deeper, to seek Him in what is happening. There are so many things that we are either too busy to see, or to prideful to see. To see others through His eyes... Just thinking about it makes me smile. How much better our world could be if we could learn to see each other through the eye of our Heavenly Father.

"Give me Your eyes for just one second
Give me Your eyes so I can see
Everything that I keep missing
Give me love for humility."
~Brandon Heath Give Me Your Eyes

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