Wednesday, April 17, 2013


"As a leader, you can remain available to mentor others. This means you may get less done in the present, but you will actually accomplish far more in the future by pouring your life into the people who can carry on those things that are nearest and dearest to your heart."

Sometimes as I juggle life's many roles, I get so focused on my plans that I began to shove relationships aside. I close all the doors and make myself unavailable to others so that I can check each item off my lengthy to-do list without interruption. Have you ever found yourself doing that?
When I came across these words yesterday, I stopped. My eyes grew a little wider as I realized that the picture the authors had painted was just what I wanted to be, but just what I was furthest from being.
So what if I completed all the items on my forever growing lists of things to do? In the end, what would it all amount to? If I had not taken time to invest in the lives of others, teaching them and helping them grow so that they are able to carry on with those things that are nearest and dearest to my heart, then have I not failed?
I will not live forever. Not even close. At the end of my race, when I am drawing my last breath. When I look back over life, will I see nothing but the doors I slammed in the faces of those seeking my assistance, or will I see the flourishing and vibrant trees that have sprung from the investments I was willing to make...sometimes at the cost of my own personal goals?
What can I do to be more available to others? What might I have to give up for the present time? Am I pouring my life into others in such a way that they may better carry out those purposes ,are not only the nearest and dearest to my heart, but also to the Lord's?

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