Monday, May 3, 2010


Hi, there. This is Kathryn, formerly known as Kaomi here on Musings From the Feet. When I started this blog last year my parents were unsure of me posting my real name on the Internet for all the world to see, but as the year passed we decided that as long as I only posted my first name it would be okay. I have found it rather confusing to myself and my friends to go by a second name here, so those are the reasons that I will now be going by my given name, Kathryn.

You may have noticed the changes to Musings From the Feet. I decided to change things in celebration of my second year of blogging, and because I want to start anew, if you would. As I mentioned not long ago, I have not been posting much these last several months, and aim to change that. I thought the change in blog design would be a sign of the change to come.

So, do not worry, this is really still the same site, and you did come to the right place.

God Bless,

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