Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

One of the ladies I work with asked me to pray for her husband the other day. He is struggling to be the man he knows he should be. I promised I would. That was a few days ago. Today she asked me if I had been praying. I said yes. "He's a changed man, " she said. "He cried all day Saturday without really knowing why. He was different in the way he acted all day." She was so happy and I could tell she was more hopeful about their struggling marriage.

God has amazed me again. I think He knew I needed a reminder of how powerful He is. Also, I feel He is reminding me to not despair when my prayers are not answered right away. I need to be faithful in praying always. He has the power to do the rest, in His time.

It is easy to pray when prayers are answered in a matter of days, but easy to despair when nothing happens after several years.

I must keep the faith and never give up. My God is powerful and He always answers.

Thoughtfully and thankfully,

Kassandra Lee


Anonymous said...

Dear Kathryn,

Please pray hard for me and my family. Yesterday my Dad passed away at 38 years old, very unexpectedly. My grandmother just died in February, so this is the second family death in six months. They both loved the Lord their entire lives and acted on their faith daily. Our pastor was away last week, and asked my Dad to preach. He preached on "do not fear, for the Lord is with you" and that is what we're trying to do right now, because we know he would want us to, and we still believe that God is good. Please pray...

Hold fast (Psalm 139:9-10)
AK girl

Kathryn said...

AK girl,
I will surely be praying. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I cannot even imagine being in your place. I am encouraged that you are continuing to reach to the Father for strength during this very difficult time. He is our only comfort in such times. Tears and hugs,

Rachelle (Rose) said...

I just posted about answered prayer the other day!

Blessings to AK girl, too. I'm so sorry, darling. Cling to Him.