Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Facing Your Giants

Sarah laughed at the thought of her bearing a child. She was ninety-years-old. Who had ever heard of someone her age having a baby? It just did not happen. God knew Sarah was laughing over the thought of her bearing a child, something she thought was impossible, so He asked; "Is anything too hard for the LORD?" (Genesis 18:14). That stopped Sarah right in her tracks. Was anything too hard for her Lord?

I love the movie Facing the Giants by Sherwood Pictures of Albany, Georgia. Especially the scene near the end where Coach Grant Taylor asks his team members one by one, if anything is impossible with God. Without fail every player says, "Nothing, Coach, nothing." They were a small school team who had not even been to the championship games in over six years, yet here they were the state champs. By every ones estimations, even their own, they were not supposed to even be playing in the championship games, they were not supposed to be facing the mighty Giants, and they defiantly were not suppose to win and become state champions. At the beginning of the football year, everyone would have said it was impossible, but they made it. They chose to trust God, to praise Him whether they won or lost, and to play their very, very best. Because of their faithfulness to Him, God chose to take them all the way.

You may be facing one of those situations in life where you only have two choices, to give up, or to trust God for what seems impossible. Ask yourself, "Is anything to hard for God?" If you look in the book of Matthew at chapter 19, verse 26, you will find the answer. "With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."

Now, go face your giants. Expect great things from the Lord, for with Him anything is possible. Remember Sarah who was ninety-years-old and yet rejoiced at the baby she carried within her. Think of Issac, how he was not supposed to be born, yet he was. Look at how that one little baby influenced the world, just like that other baby who was born centuries later in Bethlehem. He was not supposed to be born either, yet He was. Mary, a virgin, gave birth to a son and they called Him Jesus. And that little baby, Jesus, that miracle baby, Jesus, changed everything for eternity.

So, what is impossible with God?

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Rachelle (Rose) said...

That's right! Be daring!