Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

About a four months ago a new girl started attending our church. Her name is Anna Jean Crawford. She is two years older than I am and I am not trying to be mean in the least,but I do not understand her. The second Sunday she attended my church with her family was potluck Sunday and I decided to try to get to know her better. I asked her about her interest and what the Lord was teaching her? To the first question she said outright that her only interests were Facebooking with her friends, and attracting cute guys. Then she giggled this silly little giggle. When I asked the second question hoping that her first comment was in jest, she looked at me like I must be a nut.

Since then we have been thrown together many times and every time she seems to take joy in shocking me with her empty habits. Last Wednesday I just couldn't keep pretending I didn't care. I expressed my concern for her, and explain about how God had such great plans for all His children, and I knew that He had more for her in life than Facebook or boys. I said it as gently as I could, but she really didn't take it that well. I didn't really expect she would, but I just felt that I had to say my piece.

Here was her reply. "What is it to you? This is my life? Why should you care what I do with it? If I want to sit around and do nothing, so long as I am not a burden to you, why should you care?" I knew my words had stung her pride, so I preceed with caution and prayed for all I was worth, "Lord, please open Anna Jean up to Your truth."

I didn't do to well. My voice trembled and I stumbled over my words a lot. I tried to remember Bible verses, I tried to express my thoughts, but I am afraid I really made a mess of it. I haven't seen her since. I pray every day but I am worried, what if I turned her away from Christ? My heart is troubled and I am not sure what I should do. I wouldn't blame her if she never talked to me again, but if she never give her heart to God because of something I said...


Please use my bumbling words to reach Anna Jean's heart. I did not mean to say anything hurtful, I was so concerned for her, and maybe I didn't pray through it as I should. I'm sorry Lord if I really messed this up. Father, if I should have another chance to speak with Anna Jean, help me to say the right words. Lord, she needs you so much...soften her heart Jesus, let her know that You care, and that you have so much for her in life besides playing and wasting her days on foolish things like Facebook and handsome faces. Teach me to be more like You Lord, that I might be better able to lead others to You, that I might not make another mistake like I did with Anna Jean.

In Jesus Name,

I don't know what I will do. I don't know what I can do but pray...

With a tear and a sigh,
Kassandra Lee

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