Friday, May 6, 2011

Shoes for the Feet of My Musings

Do you often think about shoes? To be honest I do not. If I plan to leave the house I put a pair on to protect my feet, but I do not really sit down and just think about just shoes. Today I came across this picture and I thought, it might be interesting to pick a picture to write a post about instead of picking a picture to go with a post I have already written. Here goes.

If I were a pair of shoes, what would I think about most? Would I think about my owner, and how well he or she cares for me? Would I always be excited over the new ground I was able to travel? Would I ever consider who had made me and stand in wonder of the creativity of his hands? Would I love to dance for joy helping my owner to celebrate? Would there be times when I did not want to go on the path that was at hand, but instead would long for some other much smoother path?

In thinking about what a pair of shoes might think if they had brains and could think, I began to see something very familiar. If I were a pair of shoes who would I think of pleasing most? My maker/owner? Would I think of how I was cared for? Yes, I would and I would hope with all that was in me that I was treated tenderly with special care that showed I was valued. I would be excited when opportunities arose for me to tread new ground, and I would surely leave my mark, my brand, upon every surface that would allow me the privilege. I would often think of my maker, and wonder about how wonderful he must be. I would dance with joy every chance I got, rejoicing in the happiness of being "alive," at least I hope I should. Sometimes there would be paths that I would not wish to tread. Ones filled with fearful things, some filled with pleasant things that might be just a little to long for my tastes.

In short, if I were a pair of shoes, I would be not so much different then I am now. I would praise my Maker, rejoice in His tender care, dwelling always in the intense pleasure of knowing that He values me. I would dance for joy in all things that made Him happy, or at least strive to. I would strive to leave my mark, Christ, everywhere I went. I do not always wish to go down the paths He points out to me as right. Some are hard and steep, others seem way to long, but in the end I hope that I can be like those shoes. I will go where my Owner takes me, I will do His bidding. I will take stones into my treads for Him, yes, those little barbs that those who hate Him shall throw my way I will catch, for I wish to protect His feet. I know that I will get worn and old, but I will rejoice in the fact that I am not as a shoe in this way. I will not get thrown away nor forgot in the deep dark corner of some closet, for He never forgets. He never throws away one who seeks Him with all her heart.

Setting out with my picture to write this little post, I really had not clue what I would say, nor whether it would even be worth my while to share. As I wrote I could not help but think of the One who is all that is good in me, and thus, the post was born. Who would have thought that you could see Christ in a pair of worn out shoes? I did not! I am quite as surprised as anybody.

Somehow, I do not think I will ever see shoes quiet the same again...

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