Wednesday, June 10, 2009

God Is Good!

This last week has truly been one of the most trying weeks I have had in quite some time. I came down with one of those dreaded summer colds. The kind that everyone assured me would last longer and be worst then most. Even though all I wanted to do was sleep, I had to go to work and work eight hours days as though nothing was wrong. Every morning I woke up thinking I would never make it through the day, but I would beg God to give me strength and then push myself off to work. Each day I came home thanking God for the strength He had given and counting another day off my mental calendar. "Not long now until I would have a few days off," I would remind myself. I could hardly wait for two whole days with nothing much to do but rest and recover.

Only, when my days off arrived, our air conditioner went out. I still was still suffering headaches and other symptoms from the cold, add the oppressive Texas heat on top of that, and I felt completely miserable. Yet, God was good. He helped me through each day and reminded me that though today might be rough, someday soon my cold would be gone, our air conditioner would be fixed, and all would be well. I might have to suffer for a short while, but it would not last forever.

Through this whole ordeal, I have been reminded, that even when things do not go as we would like them too, and even in times when our plans lay in ruin at our feet, God is always with us, and He is always looking for ways to turn our hardships into joy. God is good not just sometimes, but He is good all the time.

When things get hard, remember that God is working them out for good. Look for His hand, lean on His strength. He is always there and He will always, always hold you up and help you through. Remember what a mighty God we serve. A God who loved us so much He sent His only Son to die for us. Truly, God is good!


Nakwana Leofman said...
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Nakwana Leofman said...

Summer colds are terrible to have especially if have headaches and etc. My youngest sister had a cold, but no one else caught it, but nothing as bad as your cold. I am glad that you are doing better.

Alyssa said...

I have had a long week myself. But as you said, God is good.

Jeremiah said...

I felt like that a couple weeks ago when I was out on Canyon Lake for five hours. I came down with a terrible sunburn and couldn't sleep for three days. I kept thinking "God, have I sinned?!" and then I thought about the consequences that sin deserves. So I quickly shut up and thanked God for bearing my sin undeserved. I eventually got over it.

Kaomi said...

Just because something bad happens in our lives does not mean we have sinned, and that God is punishing us, but often we allow ourselves to think maybe we did something wrong and that is why we are suffering. In your case you got sunburned because you were out in the sun too long (your fault) and then you had to suffer the consequences for your actions. In some cases, God does punish us, but most of the time I think bad things that happen to us are our fault or are the devil's work. Satan is always trying to get us to put the blame for bad things on God and to turn from God. Let not let Satan win!