Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 13

September 10

My schedule was anything but normal today. I woke up at 5:30am feeling poorly. I continued to struggle with various symptoms until late into the afternoon. I did not read my Bible as I most days, or set aside a specific time for prayer. I was praying throughout the day as I did not feel up to doing much and had plenty of time to think and pray.

See, some days things don't happen as we plan for them to. I did not get to stick to my plan for getting up early and spending the first hour of my day with my Heavenly Father. I was up early, but I was feeling so poorly I could barely sit up. The thing is, God understands days like the one I had and He meets you right where you are if you ask Him to. I could have felt guilty for "missing" one of my forty days, but I don't. I met with the Lord where I was and how I was able and that is all He asks of me. He doesn't demand that I read a certain number of chapters, or pray for a certain length of time. He just asks me to seek Him diligently from right where I'm at.

I found my encouragement for the day in a letter from my dear friend Hannah and a quote she shared with me.

"I love the concept of taking joy, as if joy were a penny staring up at me from the ground, just waiting for me to pick it up and be enriched, even if only by a cent. There are a thousand joys, a countless number of instances in the day when joy is to be had for the taking, thoughts are to be had simply for the thinking, beauty is to be found, merely in seeing." ~ Sarah Clarkson

Even though I wasn't feeling well, the Lord help me to find joy in my day. I could have been all grouchy and complained about how awful I was feeling. But that would have been silly. Instead I tried my hardest to see the joy. I've come to believe that if you look hard enough you can always find something to thank the Lord for, no matter what the situation.

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