Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What Happened?

Day 18 of my challenge came and went and yet there was no post. The next day past, and yet nary a word appeared. A week passed, nearly two, still no word. In case you were worried I did not die, I did not even get sick, I just got extremely busy. So busy in fact, that for a whole week my time with the Lord consisted of whispered prayers as I ran out the door, whispered prayers as I drove down the highways of a big and unfamiliar city, and whispered prayers as I lay my weary head to sleep late at night. I was running on 5-6 hours of sleep each night for the entire week and knew I COULD NOT get up even thirty minutes earlier for a brief quiet time without putting myself at risk for being an inattentive driver the next day and I knew if I was to survive the big city without an accident I needed to be alert. Maybe I could have fit in 10-15 minutes sometime throughout my busy days, I blush as I say I didn't really think of that option.

I am so glad to be safely back home now and having regular times with my Father once again. I've missed Him so much! So, obviously my challenge was not completed. My plan is to start right where I left off. Let's call it Day 18 today, and I'll go from there. I would start back at zero, but I'm not sure I will have time to continue updating the blog so often after two weeks is up and I start a college course on top of my regular work. BUT, I will not stop seeking God first each morning. It is something that I have come to see great value in these last few years especially and I have no intention of giving it up!

So, all that rambling to say, "Hello everyone, I'm back!" :)

And, Day 18, here we come...

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